Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Matthew Cousens

About Matthew
Matthew Cousens is Developer Advocate for Z & LinuxONE at IBM. He received a B.S. in Computer Science without any knowledge of testing or mainframes and went on to a successful career doing just that on the IBM Z platform. Matt has worked in every major phase of the software testing lifecycle and has experienced first-hand the transition from waterfall to agile techniques. In his current role as a Developer Advocate, Matt is responsible for speaking about the business value of the mainframe and the technology that enables that value.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Encrypt This! How to Encrypt Enterprise Data at Scale

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: Shoot The Breeze

    Everyone understands the importance of encrypting sensitive data. It turns out that is easier said than done in the case of at-scale business data.

    Existing approaches rely on identifying sensitive data and selectively encrypting it, which can be problematic given the vast amounts of data in today’s enterprises.

    Our solution is to encrypt ALL data everywhere – at rest and in flight – thus eliminating the guess work of selecting data. This solution is unique to IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE.

    In this session we will discuss:

    • The challenges of encrypting data at scale
    • Why just 4% of records breached since 2013 were encrypted
    • A high-level view of the hardware behind our encryption solution
    • On-prem implementations
    • Using this hardware solution in IBM Cloud