Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018

Vijo Cherian

Barracuda Networks
About Vijo
Maker at heart and professional programmer in bay area for more than 18 years, Vijo has worked on various areas of Linux system. Vijo has developed firmware for 10G ethernet card, a smart watch. Vijo has also delivered Ruby on Rails application.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Interfacing Lua and Ruby with C

    3:30 PM Sunday   Room: Town Square C
    Scripting languages are popular today because of it’s reasonable learning curve and speed of development. But there are programming problems where scripting languages can not be used. Examples include talking directly to specific OS system calls not exposed to the scripting language (like raw sockets on Linux), or communicating with peripheral hardware devices. Such system interfaces are often written in C. But how do we use them from scripting languages? We can write interfaces from scripting languages like Ruby or Lua to C libraries. In this session, we will look at writing interfaces from Lua to C library. We will also look at writing code from Ruby on Rails to use C library. You will not need to be experts of either language but some programming experience is presumed.
    A survey of mechanisms available to call native libraries or system level code from higher level application.