Luba Gloukhova

Luba Gloukhova facilitates and accelerates advanced research projects at a major R&D hub of the Silicon Valley. She supports Stanford GSB faculty by conceiving and generating innovative solutions that drive their cutting edge research. Luba also serves as the founding chair of Deep Learning World, the premier conference covering the commercial deployment of deep learning. Luba received her master's in analytics from the University of San Francisco and her bachelors in both applied math and economics from Berkeley. Before her current position in academic research, she gained industry experience in analytics consulting, high frequency trading analysis, catastrophe risk modeling, and quantitative marketing. Luba also teaches yoga and enjoys an active lifestyle.


Deep Learning: Capabilities Realized and New Frontiers

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9:30 AM Saturday
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Fireside B
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Machine Learning - AI
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Speakers: Luba Gloukhova

Groundbreaking theory, big data, and compute power — with this trifecta, the extraordinary advent of deep learning seems almost inevitable. It propels machine learning to new heights across many industries. As we ride this wave of progress, still in acceleration, we come to a new class of challenges akin to those of traditional machine learning — but now the stakes are higher. In this presentation Luba Gloukhova will cover great challenges deep learning has already overcome and those that still remain.

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