Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018

Aswani Nerella

Blueshift Labs
About Aswani
Aswani Nerella is a developer and architect at Blueshift ( Blueshift’s technology enables launching direct customer engagement at scale by combining behavioral data, AI and cross channel automation in an unified product. Aswani is the co-inventor of PLaSMA (Personalization Language for Segment-­-of-­-One Marketing Automation), a language that enables combining real time context of a user with pre-­- computed product rankings based on their most recent behavior, CRM attributes or inferred affinities. Aswani has built Cassandra and REDIS backed microservices which serve huge amount of traffic at low latencies. Previously, Aswani managed the Groupon Goods team and was instrumental in bringing up the 1st version of the node.js version of site.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Dissecting Dynamo: Highly available key value store

    3:30 PM Sunday   Room: Town Square B
    Over the past decade, NoSQL DBs & key-value stores have played a major role in scaling of any web companies such as facebook, google or twitter. Amazon's Dynamo paper has played a crucial role in kick-starting the NoSQL movement and inspiring many key-value stores such as Cassandra. In this session, I'd like to dig deeper into the fundamentals of designing such a highly available & high throughput key-value systems.
    I'd be going into great detail about data partitioning, replication, versioning and hinted handoffs.