Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Ben Foden

Nota, Inc.
About Ben
As the first employee of Nota I have grown along the company as we reached 10 million monthly users for our instant screenshot sharing service and I am now spreading the word about the ultra helpful note-taking app
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Speaking Sessions

  • No Folders: A fast, flexible, long-term way to think and work in one place

    10:15 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside D
    When was the last time you looked at an old folder and thought 'Ah, how nicely organized this is'? The last time you thought 'ah, how nicely named this file is'? 'Ah how easy it is to find what I am looking for'?
    Despite countless note, team, email, and chat apps probably never. Because those are completely archaic ways to organize ideas and information, dating back to before computers were invented.
    Now of course you have hierarchical directories for your computer to organize its information, but that's not how humans think! Despite this every application you've ever used (save for wikis) relies on a hierarchical structure. Now I don't need to expand on the merits of wikis (flexible editing, linking, and context) but why are we still seeing so many apps relying on folders, single tag sorted views, and alphanumeric or date-based search results?
    Why do so many teams and individuals have "haunted warehouses of dead text" instead of a useful, accessible, and relevant information?
    This session is about a solution to all of these problems. It's about a new style of team note-taking that is rooted in wiki methodology, but works in real-time with ReactJS and WebSocket to provide flexible co-editing, linking, and exploration of nearly infinite ideas and information. And as you accumulate more and more pages of information, it only becomes more organized and contextually relevant.
    Imagine: No Folders! No Meetings! No Email! No Managers! Or at least a lot less...