Ryan Michela

Ryan is Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Salesforce. His passions are distributed systems, helping other developers become better, and and digging into the heart of software.


The nits and grits of Git - How Git really works

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1:45 PM Saturday
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Speakers: Ryan Michela

The Git distributed version control system is basically magic. It tracks all your files, branches, merges, and changes. You can work online, offline, with or without a central server. Git has unlocked the power of distributed teams and become one of the foundational technologies of modern software development. Yet how does it work? In this presentation we deep dive into the hidden internals of the Git distributed version control system to find out how they really work. We will start with the history of Git - where it came from and how it came to be. Then we will cover how Git represents objects in it's data store, and what is really going on in your .git directory. Next we will break down a commit and look at how Git represents your commit history. Finally, we will take a look at branching and merging, including what really happens when you rebase a branch. By the end you will be a Git wizard, able to see through the magic and control it for yourself.

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