Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Jeremy Foster

About Jeremy
Educated in computer engineering and mathematics. Industry experience in education, aerospace manufacturing, and insurance. Joined Microsoft February 2012 and consider it my role to inform and inspire developers. When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my wife and son, hiking and camping, sailing, scuba diving, or working on my house and yard. Find me at @codefoster and
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Speaking Sessions

  • Azure from the Command Line

    Web portals for managing your enterprise (or hobby) cloud services is cute, but when it's time to get real work done, there's nothing like a command line. This session is all about the command line! Whether you're used to scripting in bash or scvripting in PowerShell or you're not used to scripting at all! Whether you're running on a Mac on a Windows PC or on a Raspberry Pi! Wherever you dev, you can use Azure’s cross-platform Node.js CLI to spin up services, create databases, git push websites, monitor app logs, and boatloads more. In this session, you'll learn… • Being an absolute boss on the keyboard • Controlling Node.js, VS Code, and GitHub from the command line • Installing the Azure CLI • Creating and maintaining Azure services

  • Entry Point Node

    Node.js is taking the world by storm and developers can no longer afford to avoid it. Nor should you want to! Writing JavaScript went from ugh to awesome thanks to things like ES6 and TypeScript. If you're a node noob, this is the session for you. I'll start with the simplest terms and help you climb on top of all of the important concepts. We'll write some practical code that makes sense, look at some fun productivity shortcuts, and then imagine the kinds of apps there are to write in the future! In this session you'll learn… • What is Node.js • What kinds of apps it should and shouldn’t be used for • How to install and use Node.js • The REPL • Hello world • Packages and modules • Node tooling FTW!

  • I Want to be a Maker Too!

    The tech and consumer worlds are abuzz with talk of IoT, wearables, 3D printing, and making. I'm headlong into it, but I still remember the day I was bewildered by the terms and wondering how to get started. That’s what id like to do for you – introduce you to the Makers’ world! In this session, you'll learn… • What's a maker? • What is IoT? • How to get started • Basics of material design and manufacturing • Basics of electronics • Basics of IoT, devices, and device code • Basics of cloud services for makers