Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Chander Dhall

Chander Dhall Inc
About Chander
Chander Dhall is a Microsoft MVP, professional software architect/lead developer, trainer, INETA speaker, open source contributor, community leader and organizer with years of experience in enterprise as well as start-up Software Development. He works in a goal-oriented, technologically-driven, fast-paced AGILE (SCRUM) environment. He is the founder of Dallas day of dot net. He has a Master's Degree in computer science with specialization in algorithms, principles and patterns and is focused on
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Speaking Sessions

  • Comparison of Javascript (MV*) frameworks

    Take a noun. Add 'JS' to it and you probably have a framework that exists. Have you worked with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Aurelia and other single page app frameworks? We’ll take a look at the source code, see what each one of them is good at, and what it's not good at. We’ll consider how you can use more than one of these, and how they work with other frameworks.

  • Scalability for Developers. Scaling to more than a billion hits a day.

    Come to this session if you want to hear about real-world consulting experiences in scaling web apps, including insights and best practices. You’ll learn how to architect and develop applications on the ASP.NET stack so that they are easy to scale. This session includes but is not limited to queuing systems, SQL Server, REST APIs, Microsoft Azure, polyglot persistence, TCP, HTTP, vertical and horizontal scaling, partitioning, and NoSQL. The speaker’s consulting company has a 100% track record of successful projects on-budget, on-time.