Megan Williams

Silicon Valley native Megan Williams is a Senior UX Designer and spends her days focused on developing and improving PayPal’s Consumer digital wallet. Her designs focus on creating simplified and intuitive experiences. Prior to working on the digital wallet she was the lead UX Designer for the Standards and Patterns team. During her time on the Standards team she created numerous design patterns and facilitated cross organization design discussions.


Put pencil to paper, sketching skills for Engineers

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Speakers: Megan Williams

Many people believe that sketching is a designer-only skill and not useful for many technical jobs. However, when working in a collaborative work environment, sketching is an essential communication tool between design and engineering. This session is focused on giving practical advice and techniques for Engineers to build their sketching skills. Discussion will include sketching general concepts, user flows, user interface elements, basic wireframes, and problem statements. There will also be an opportunity to practice with several hands on activities. If you are interested in building confidence in contributing to design conversation and decisions, then this is the session for you!

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