Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Sudha Jamthe

About Sudha
Passionate about social media strategy, social commerce, metrics, product innovations, grassroot innovations; Work @ebay in social commerce, organize Facebook and Google+ meetups Reach me on Twitter: @sujamthe or blog I love CodeCamp and the variety of topics/people and opportunity to learn and contribute barcamps style.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Scaling a Platform with Bebo, Yahoo (YOS), RockYou and Sun Microsystems - Panel Moderated

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    <p>This is a panel discussion where you can learn real life experience of building and scaling platforms.</p> <p><b>Steve Cohen, head of engineering Bebo Platform</b> will share how they built out bebo as a platform and show their MVC framwork they built internally using Java to scale their platform UI from the database instead of writing lot of heavy XML. <b>Marina Fisher of Sun</b>will show how to scale architectures to build platform using Sun's technologies Java, Swing etc in the application stack <b>Tom Hughes-Croucher, tech evangelist from YDN</b> will join to talk about Yahoo Open Strategy (YOS) and how they are opening Yahoo as a platform with open developer APIs</p> <b> Eric Yeih, Director of Platform, RockYou<p> will share RockYou's secret sauce to scale RockYou to build viral social applications with scale and success. <p><b>Who should attend:</b></p> <p>If you are a Java developer, Ruby or Php developer, or anyone interesting in learning the challenges in building out a scalable architecture platform should attend this session.<p> <p><b>What you will learn:</b></p> <p>You will hear real life experience from multiple viewpoints and also get to see code snippets in Java and PHP.</p> Update: I am updating this from Codecamp. These are the questions I plan to ask the panel. Do you have any others, twitter me at @sujamthe What are the challenges on scaling your platform? What does your platform offer to accommodate opening up your platform for API? Any specific story which forced you to change you architecture? How do you scale (in terms of performance) and keep you speed of (user) growth at the same time? What technologies do you use, what do you support? Any particular technology more easier or limited on your platform For Rockyou- whats your secret to scale across any and every new social network, from your product standpoint? For Sun - what Sun technologies are best for different scenarios Yahoo - Yahoo Open Stragegy - what is involved in platformization of Yahoo given the size (Can u share some numbers of load, users, variety of products touched?)