Alan Cobb

Alan Cobb is an independent consultant specializing in .NET programming in C# for Silverlight and WPF. (Please see my Silverlight/WPF technical blog at http://www.alancobb.com/blog). Alan has been a consultant since 1985 in using Microsoft systems and languages, doing contract work for clients including Oracle and Microsoft. He is a board member of the Sacramento .NET User Group. Alan has an M.S. in Electronic Engineering, from Calif. State Univ. Sacramento and a B.S. in Business Administration from U. C. Berkeley (Regent's Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa)


Silverlight Debugging Techniques

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Speakers: Alan Cobb

This session will survey a range of Silverlight 2 debugging tools and techniques. At the beginner level we’ll review setting up VS2008 for debugging Silverlight C# and JavaScript code. Then we’ll look at different techniques for trace logging. At an intermediate level we’ll cover three debugging tools I use extensively: Fiddler, Silverlight Spy and NetLimiter. At the advanced level we’ll do some low-level Silverlight .NET debugging with WinDbg and the SOS debugger extension DLL. SOS helps you hunt for memory leaks by giving you a detailed view of the managed heap. Stack traces from SOS can sometimes reveal more about the context of bugs than VS2008 can.

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