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129 Sessions Scheduled!   

Mon Sep 25 2017
By Peter Kellner
Announcing our schedule of 129 sessions over the weekend of October 7-8 at PayPal Town Hall and Hosted by PayPal. <br/><br/><A href="">Schedule Details for SVCC #12 at PayPal Town Hall</A>
Hi Registered SV Code Campers,
The SV Code Camp #12 Session Schedule is Live!  129 Sessions and 13 Time Slots from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.  Pick your sessions so we make sure we put the popular ones in big enough rooms.  The only way we know is if you pick so please help us in that way.
The first way, is to use the new sessions page, and while making sure you are logged in, click on the interest button to toggle your interest intent (interested, not interested or planning on attending).  Remember, you can be interested in multiple sessions at any given time slot, but the system will only let you have one session with the intent to attend.  You can of course go to any session you want once you arrive at the event.  We just use these numbers for capacity planning purposes.  The second way to choose sessions is to use the session planner tool which is more a single page JavaScript type app.

We also have a 10 minute video that goes through in detail the best way to pick sessions and all the options.

Finally, to see your personal schedule (as well as print it), the very popular Session Overview is back.  From this screen, you can see and print all the sessions you have selected.  You can see examples of all these pages below.  As always, thanks for your support of code camp and we look forward to seeing you all in a 8 days!

Best Regards,
Peter Kellner (SVCC Organizer)
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