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Immortal database cluster architecture  

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3:30 PM Sunday
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Fireside B
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A resilient, MySQL database next-gen architectural solution using open source software(using Orchestrator, Consul & HAProxy/ProxySQL). Which removes the human factor, a Zero-touch configuration management attains 100% availability of database clusters during software upgrades/maintenances and disasters. Yes, everything is compacted and backed with DEMO.

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Siva Valiveru

Siva has 20 years of experience in DevOps and database engineering. Empathetic engineering manager. Follower of "Keep it simple silly.", No drama and no BS. It's not people, its architecture when designing HA, fault tolerant, scalable systems. Passionate to automate whatever is possible. He got a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. He takes time to enjoy nature, hiking and tennis.
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