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Fun Introduction to Data in Software for Non-Techies  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Chin Wagger
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Ninety percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. STEM education needs to include the basic concepts of data. This class is for non-technical individuals and kids over the age of 10 to explore the basic concepts of data. What is Data ? Is Data just a fancy word for information ? What is a Database ? Why and when do yo need one? We will explore these topics by building a trivia game based on data.

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Leslie Pound

Leslie Pound is the founder and CEO of TaDa Labs, a voice technology startup that's transforming the way companies interact with their data. As a 20+ year veteran of search and voice tech, Leslie worked at the AI Center at SRI and acts as the link between business goals and technology. She is best known for being the first design lead at SRI AI for the framework that launched SIRI. Today, in addition to running TaDa Labs she helps startup founders and businesses design SAAS products and teaches voice tech to the developer world.
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