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Introduction to Flask (A Python Web Framework)  

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Web and Apps
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In this workshop we'll learn the basics of building with Flask. We'll install the necessary packages to host a server and develop our first website. This is a 100 level course with no previous experience required. You'll learn how to use Flask to host a basic webserver, build styled templates, and learn how to interact with an API. Please bring a laptop with a text editor (VS Code, Notepad++, etc) and Git installed.

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Tim Reilly

Tim Reilly is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft based in the Bay Area. He loves working with Python, JavaScript, and the cloud to turn ideas into solutions. Tim has attended a dozen hackathons in the last 12 months and has experience turning ideas into hacks quickly. When he's not coding he's playing Ultimate Frisbee or hanging at the Microsoft Reactor.
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