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Simple Contextual User Doc SDK via WordPad  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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SCUD SDK is an open source project which can be found on Use it to embed documentation, user guides, and “how tos” in Windows .Net desktop applications.  Since it uses rich text format (rtf) documents as input it provides a simple, familiar way to compose text with graphics, bullet lists, tables etc.

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Bill Glosser

Bill has been building apps since, well, for too long to admit. Anyone remember the IBM 1401 or 7094; Computers the size of an SUV, no disk drives, punch cards? Still at it, recent projects include Ferry Reservations Express, a ticketing and booking system complex, AeroTunes, a Windows Phone 8.1 app for streaming music from YouTube, and StartGator, more than just a start button replacement.. Bill is head of permanent start-up Windigo Systems.
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