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F# on the Web  

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1:45 PM Saturday
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F#: Full Stack Functional
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Most people think of F# as good at math or complex problem solving. It is actually a fantastic for a very wide array of tasks, including web programming, which helped the start-up Tachyus go from 0 to production in 12 weeks. In this talk, we'll compare and contrast a web application written in familiar C# patterns with various features provided by F#, including function composition, computation expressions (async), type providers, and active patterns. We'll also cover differences in application design patterns.

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Ryan Riley

Ryan Riley is a Visual F# MVP and Engineer for Tachyus, a start-up using F# to profoundly revolutionize the oil & gas industry. He runs the Community for F# virtual user group and serves on the management committee for the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) specification.
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