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Code Shaming, Anti Patterns in Action  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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As part of my job at Microsoft helping our customers build out highly awesome solutions on Azure, I see a lot of code. Some good, some bad, some so tremendously awkward (often in very subtle ways) that I ran away screaming. In this session we'll explore some (highly anonymized) examples of anti patterns in action, and how to identify and address several of these patterns in the context of cloud services at scale. Disclaimer: there will be humor, sarcasm, and a fair bit of bad code written by yours truly.

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Mark Simms

Mark Simms is a Principal Group Program Manager on the Microsoft Azure Customer Advisory Team, helping customers build out the largest services and applications on Azure. He is currently focused on scalability and availability patterns for building Internet of Things applications. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mark was the CTO of a mobile application startup, working on everything from embedded digital design to live site operations for a SaaS platform.
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