2 Days Before Silicon Valley Code Camp, A Few Tickets Left!

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Peter Kellner Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Buy your one or two day ticket now and you can still get an official badge and get 35% off! We still may have full price tickets on Saturday and Sunday but who knows. We are close to capacity.
35% Discount Code: PreBadgeSpecial35
One of the best reasons to come to code camp is networking.  Ever wonder who you will meet? Checkout the pie chart below.  For example, last year, 11% self identified as CEO/CTO/Director or Manager.  64% as Architect/Developer/Consultant. It's an awesome group of people.  We purposely have longer than most conference times between sessions to encourage networking.
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner (SVCC Organizer)
Peter Kellner Peter Kellner, an open source developer, Pluralsight Author and part time conference organizer

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