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Graphs for Technical Interviews

by Soham Mehta, Omkar Deshpande, Interest(90)
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: Town Square B
2019-10-20T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room Town Square B ALGORITHMS 7/31/2019 12:36:32 PM
Algorithms Career Data Structures interviewing
Interview Kickstarthttps://InterviewKickstart.comInterview

How to Defy Ageism in Software Engineering

by Soham Mehta, Interest(104)
1:00 PM Saturday    Room: Town Square C
2019-10-19T13:00:00 1:00 PM Saturday Room Town Square C CAREER 7/31/2019 12:25:16 PM
Career interviewing Job Hunting resumes
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Engineering Management Interviews

by Soham Mehta, Yannis Minadakis, Interest(73)
3:45 PM Saturday    Room: Fireside B
2019-10-19T15:45:00 3:45 PM Saturday Room Fireside B CAREER 7/31/2019 12:01:32 PM
Career interviewing management Team Management
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How to Switch Your Technical Domain

by Soham Mehta, Interest(74)
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Fireside B
2019-10-19T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room Fireside B CAREER 7/31/2019 11:52:24 AM
Career interviewing resumes
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The Million Dollar Resume: A Workshop

by Soham Mehta, Nicholas Camilleri, Interest(94)
10:45 AM Sunday    Room: Fireside D
2019-10-20T10:45:00 10:45 AM Sunday Room Fireside D CAREER 7/31/2019 11:33:08 AM
Career interviewing Job Hunting LinkedIn resumes
Interview Kickstarthttps://InterviewKickstart.comInterview Kickstart

Landing a job at sought after companies like...

by Ash Murthy, Interest(103)
2:15 PM Sunday    Room: Fireside B
2019-10-20T14:15:00 2:15 PM Sunday Room Fireside B ALGORITHMS 7/7/2019 1:41:09 PM
Algorithms Career Coding Community Development Dynamic Programming interviewing
Programming Interview

Master Dynamic Programming

by Hien Luu, Interest(125)
3:30 PM Sunday    Room: Town Square C
2019-10-20T15:30:00 3:30 PM Sunday Room Town Square C ALGORITHMS 4/20/2019 11:30:03 AM
Algorithms Data Structures Dynamic Programming interviewing
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