Soham Mehta

Soham is the founder of Interview Kickstart, which is a bootcamp for technical interview preparation. The bootcamp is laser-focused on re-teaching Data Structures, Algorithms and System Design, to working engineers, who desire to work at high-growth, career-launching tech companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to InterviewKickstart, Soham was a Director of Engineering at Box and an early engineer there. He helped Box's technical teams grow from 5 to 250 engineers over a span of 5 years. This meant living and breathing the interviewing machine exploring all its nooks and corners, and ups and downs. Prior to Box, Soham has also worked at eBay and Microsoft.


Recursion and DP for coding interviews

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4:00 PM Saturday
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Town Square A
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Speakers: Soham Mehta

It is no secret that the bar to crack technical interviews is only getting higher with each passing year.

Recursion is pervasive in many such interviews. Whether it is dealing with basic algorithms of Sorting, whether it's simple data-structures like Linked Lists, Arrays & Strings, or whether it's about traversing complex data-structures like Trees and Graphs, you're bound to come across Recursion-based solutions.

Recursion can be a difficult concept to grasp for many of us, but it doesn't have to be. It's one of those things that can be reigned with practice, and once reigned, it gives dividends all through your practice.

Once you're comfortable with recursion, then Dynamic Programming also becomes easier, because Recursion is the first logical step to solving many DP problems. In this session, we'll patiently walk through some Recursion and DP problems, until time permits.

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