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Getting started with Hadoop on the Cloud

by Nicolas Morales, Interest(197) Attend(64)
11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 8403
2014-10-11T11:15:00 11:15 AM Saturday Room 8403 CLOUD 9/15/2014 9:07:33 PM
Cloud hadoop BigData

The Self-healing, Elastic Runtime that is Cloud...

by Cornelia Davis, Interest(66) Attend(17)
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: 4302
2014-10-12T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room 4302 CLOUD 9/6/2014 12:29:02 PM
Cloud Cloud Foundry Continuous Deployment Continuous Integration Paas Pivotal

Running Your Spring Apps in the Cloud

by Cornelia Davis, Interest(45) Attend(15)
10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 4302
2014-10-12T10:45:00 10:45 AM Sunday Room 4302 CLOUD 9/6/2014 5:32:46 AM
Cloud Cloud Foundry containers Java Spring Web

Deploying Applications into Docker Containers

by Dave Nielsen, Interest(116) Attend(54)
1:45 PM Saturday    Room: 4306
2014-10-11T13:45:00 1:45 PM Saturday Room 4306 CLOUD 9/3/2014 12:13:11 PM
Cloud Command Line DevOps Linux Virtualization

Dive into Cloud Foundry PaaS

by Dave Nielsen, Interest(71) Attend(26)
1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 8403
2014-10-12T13:15:00 1:15 PM Sunday Room 8403 CLOUD 9/2/2014 11:59:26 PM
Cloud Cloud Foundry

Simple Contextual User Doc SDK via WordPad

by Bill Glosser, Interest(16) Attend(1)
1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 8401
2014-10-12T13:15:00 1:15 PM Sunday Room 8401 ANDROID 9/2/2014 8:42:38 AM
Android Angel Investment App Deployment Apple Cloud Windows Windows Phone
Windigo Systems

Introduction to Machine Learning with Azure ML

by Eugene Chuvyrov, Interest(96) Attend(47)
2:45 PM Sunday    Room: 8338
2014-10-12T14:45:00 2:45 PM Sunday Room 8338 AZURE 8/29/2014 2:14:59 AM
Azure BigData Cloud Machine Learning Mobile

Automating Windows with Chef

by Bakh Inamov, Interest(83) Attend(33)
10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 5502
2014-10-12T10:45:00 10:45 AM Sunday Room 5502 AUTOMATION 8/26/2014 10:22:23 AM
Automation Azure Chef Cloud Command Line DevOps Windows

How to Build Your Own Internet of Things Product...

by Bruno Terkaly, Steven Edouard, Interest(268) Attend(84)
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: 1501
2014-10-11T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room 1501 AZURE 8/7/2014 8:56:30 AM
Azure C# Cloud Internet of Things Raspberry Pi

Get Started with Azure Tonight

by Vishal Saxena, Interest(53) Attend(6)
1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 4221
2014-10-12T13:15:00 1:15 PM Sunday Room 4221 ASP.NET 8/3/2014 10:31:34 AM
ASP.NET Azure Cloud

Syncing Is Hard

by Steve Marx, Interest(106) Attend(26)
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Hearthside Lounge
2014-10-11T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room Hearthside Lounge CLIENT/SERVER 7/22/2014 2:28:14 PM
Client/Server Cloud Data Services

Beyond Push Pins - Creating Enhanced Map...

by Steve Mylroie, Interest(77) Attend(10)
9:45 AM Saturday    Room: 4310
2014-10-11T09:45:00 9:45 AM Saturday Room 4310 C# 7/19/2014 11:56:36 AM
C# Cloud Google Maps API HTML JavaScript Maps WPF

Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS in the Microsoft...

by Neil Mackenzie, Interest(72) Attend(27)
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: 4201
2014-10-12T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room 4201 AZURE 7/16/2014 10:38:46 AM
Azure Cloud Linux Windows

High performance networking for QEMU/KVM based...

by Gene Snider, Interest(38) Attend(20)
2:45 PM Sunday    Room: 5501
2014-10-12T14:45:00 2:45 PM Sunday Room 5501 CLOUD 7/1/2014 9:44:57 AM
Cloud KVM Networking Open Source Red Hat Ubuntu Virtualization
Silverback Engineering

API Antipatterns: How to identify and avoid them

by Manish Pandit, Interest(400) Attend(80)
9:45 AM Saturday    Room: CampusCtrCaft
2014-10-11T09:45:00 9:45 AM Saturday Room CampusCtrCaft API 4/15/2014 10:47:29 PM
API Architecture Cloud Distributed Engineering REST SOA

JavaScript Game Microservers

by Bill Enright, Interest(121) Attend(22)
1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 4301
2014-10-12T13:15:00 1:15 PM Sunday Room 4301 CLOUD 4/7/2014 5:07:10 PM
Cloud JavaScript NodeJS
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