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Cloud Computing Track Lightning Talks

by Dave Nielsen,
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: Cafe
2010-10-10T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room Cafe APP DEPLOYMENT 9/16/2010 4:06:48 PM
App Deployment App Engine application scalability Architecture ASP.NET Azure BPOS C# C/C++ Cloud Cloud Communications Clustering Community Concurrency Data Services Database Entrepreneurship FLOSS FOSS grid computing hadoop Internet Telephony Interoperability J2EE Java Job Hunting Lightning Talks Linux NoSQL Performance Process Ruby Server Side JavaScript SQL Azure startup Ubuntu VB.NET Velocity

Cross Platform Push Notifications in the Cloud

by John Waters,
2:45 PM Sunday    Room: 3403
2010-10-10T14:45:00 2:45 PM Sunday Room 3403 AZURE 9/13/2010 12:29:33 PM
Azure Cloud iOS iPhone Phone 7 Push Notifications windows mobile Windows Phone

Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch

by Beth Massi,
11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 8403
2010-10-09T11:15:00 11:15 AM Saturday Room 8403 APP DEPLOYMENT 8/11/2010 12:43:04 PM
App Deployment Azure LightSwitch Visual Studio

Migrating to Microsoft Azure from a Traditional...

by Robin Shahan,
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Hearthside Lounge
2010-10-09T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room Hearthside Lounge AZURE 7/11/2010 12:44:32 AM
Azure C# NET SQL Azure

Microsoft Azure for Beginners

by Robin Shahan,
1:45 PM Saturday    Room: 1401
2010-10-09T13:45:00 1:45 PM Saturday Room 1401 AZURE 7/11/2010 12:36:57 AM
Azure C# Cloud NET

What is Google App Engine?

by Wesley Chun,
3:30 PM Saturday    Room: 5501
2010-10-09T15:30:00 3:30 PM Saturday Room 5501 APP ENGINE 7/1/2010 4:20:32 AM
App Engine Azure Cloud Google Java Python Web
CyberWeb & Google

Creating and Migrating MVC/WebForm apps to the...

by Bruno Terkaly,
11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 4218
2010-10-09T11:15:00 11:15 AM Saturday Room 4218 APP DEPLOYMENT 6/30/2010 8:51:38 PM
App Deployment application scalability ASP.NET Azure C# Cloud Database Phone 7 SQL Azure Visual Studio Web Windows Phone
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