Track Description:   Windows Azure is the Microsoft cloud, and it enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any operating system, language or tool. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. Windows Azure enables you to use any language, framework, or tool to build applications. Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. The Windows Azure client libraries are available for multiple programming languages, and are released under an open source license and hosted on GitHub.

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Intro to Azure CosmosDB

by Daniel Egan,
10:45 AM Saturday    Room: Rendezvous
2017-10-07T10:45:00 10:45 AM Saturday Room Rendezvous CLOUD 8/25/2017 7:16:24 PM
Cloud Database Graph Databases MongoDB

Kubernetes – Hands-On Demos for Container...

by Bruno Terkaly,
12:30 PM Saturday    Room: Town Square A
2017-10-07T12:30:00 12:30 PM Saturday Room Town Square A AUTOMATION 6/30/2017 9:51:45 AM
Automation Azure Docker Gnu/Linux Kubernetes mysql

Containers Your Way

by Jennelle Crothers,
3:00 PM Saturday    Room: Fireside A
2017-10-07T15:00:00 3:00 PM Saturday Room Fireside A AZURE 8/17/2017 10:10:27 AM
Azure containers

Azure Functions

by Robin Shahan,
4:00 PM Saturday    Room: Fireside D
2017-10-07T16:00:00 4:00 PM Saturday Room Fireside D AZURE 8/28/2017 10:08:16 AM
Azure C# Cloud serverless

Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure

by Eugene Chuvyrov,
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Town Square C
2017-10-07T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room Town Square C BLOCKCHAIN 9/6/2017 3:54:44 PM
blockchain Cloud

Microsoft, Linux, Open Source, Cloud + DevOps

by Jessica Deen,
10:15 AM Sunday    Room: Rendezvous
2017-10-08T10:15:00 10:15 AM Sunday Room Rendezvous CLOUD 8/25/2017 5:58:00 PM
Cloud DevOps Linux Open Source

Complete CI/CD Pipeline to Microsoft Azure with...

by Jessica Deen,
11:15 AM Sunday    Room: Fireside B
2017-10-08T11:15:00 11:15 AM Sunday Room Fireside B AZURE 8/25/2017 6:01:58 PM
Azure Cloud DevOps Jenkins Linux Open Source
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