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Millions of developers use our technology daily. Pivotal is the steward and originator of the technology that created developer communities like Spring, Cloud Foundry, Redis, RabbitMQ, Groovy, Grails.  We also participate several Apache projects like Apache Tomcat, and Apache Hadoop.  Learn more at http://pivotal.io/oss

Pivotal offers a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation. Our solutions intersect cloud, big data and agile development, creating a framework that increases data leverage, accelerates application delivery, and decreases costs, while providing enterprises the speed and scale they need to compete. Learn More at www.pivotal.io.

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Building 'Bootiful' Applications with Spring...

by Josh Long, Interest(51) Attend(17)
9:45 AM Saturday    Room: 8401
2014-10-11T09:45:00 9:45 AM Saturday Room 8401 APP 9/16/2014 1:28:11 PM
App REST Spring

Introducing RaveJS: Zero-config JavaScript...

by John Hann, Interest(59) Attend(7)
11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 8401
2014-10-11T11:15:00 11:15 AM Saturday Room 8401 ANGULARJS 7/17/2014 1:57:23 PM
AngularJS Boot ES6 functional programming JavaScript Modular Architecture React
Pivotal Software, Inc.http://github.com/unscriptable

Simplifying Big Data development using Spring XD

by Ilayaperumal Gopinathan, Interest(118) Attend(28)
1:45 PM Saturday    Room: 8403
2014-10-11T13:45:00 1:45 PM Saturday Room 8403 DATA ANALYTICS 7/21/2014 10:20:17 AM
Data analytics Distributed hadoop Java Machine Learning Open Source
Pivotal Inc.,spring.io/team/ilayaperumalg

The Self-healing, Elastic Runtime that is Cloud...

by Cornelia Davis, Interest(66) Attend(17)
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: 4302
2014-10-12T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room 4302 CLOUD 9/6/2014 12:29:02 PM
Cloud Cloud Foundry Continuous Deployment Continuous Integration Paas Pivotal

Running Your Spring Apps in the Cloud

by Cornelia Davis, Interest(45) Attend(15)
10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 4302
2014-10-12T10:45:00 10:45 AM Sunday Room 4302 CLOUD 9/6/2014 5:32:46 AM
Cloud Cloud Foundry containers Java Spring Web
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