C++ and C++11

Track Description:   Mobile and cloud technologies are re-energizing interest in the uncompromising performance that C++ delivers and the new ISO/ANSI standard (C++11) introduces features that allow programmers to achieve that performance with ever greater expressiveness.

Join us with some award winning presenters as we discuss how to get the most out of Classic C++ and discover the new features of C++11 that are being delivered now by the latest compilers.

We’ll explore how to get the most from our hardware with both distributed systems and GPGPUs. We’ll cover best practices in testing and in creating exception-safe code. We’ll talk about networking using the Boost and Poco libraries. We’ll study what can be done with and how best to use new C++11 smart pointer and tuple libraries.

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Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part I

by Jon Kalb,
9:45 AM Saturday    Room: 1501
2013-10-05T09:45:00 9:45 AM Saturday Room 1501 C++ 6/18/2013 3:08:48 PM
C++ C++11 exception-safety Best Practices Coding Development

Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part II

by Jon Kalb,
11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 4306
2013-10-05T11:15:00 11:15 AM Saturday Room 4306 C++ 6/19/2013 4:07:02 AM
C++ C++11 exception-safety Best Practices Coding Development

Overloading in Overdrive: A Generic Data-Centric...

by Sumant Tambe,
1:45 PM Saturday    Room: 1401
2013-10-05T13:45:00 1:45 PM Saturday Room 1401 C++11 4/1/2013 5:46:59 PM
C++11 Messaging Pub/Sub Distributed Application C++ Visual Studio

Qt Container Classes

by Robert Felten,
3:30 PM Saturday    Room: 8403
2013-10-05T15:30:00 3:30 PM Saturday Room 8403 C++ 6/19/2013 5:36:10 PM
C++ Qt Boost Coding
Robert Felten Software LLCrobertfelten.com

Practical Unit Testing in C/C++: Agility at...

by Matt Hargett,
5:00 PM Saturday    Room: 4306
2013-10-05T17:00:00 5:00 PM Saturday Room 4306 C/C++ 8/18/2013 12:02:26 AM
C/C++ Unit Testing C++ Agile Clean Code Continuous Integration TDD

Marmalade C++ Cross Platform Development

by Keithen Hayenga,
9:15 AM Sunday    Room: 1401
2013-10-06T09:15:00 9:15 AM Sunday Room 1401 C/C++ 9/21/2013 9:42:21 PM
C/C++ Mobile Development Game Programming Cross Platform

C++ Asynchronous I/O - Asio

by Michael Caisse,
10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 8338
2013-10-06T10:45:00 10:45 AM Sunday Room 8338 C++ 8/13/2013 5:04:57 PM
Ciere Consultingciere.com

The Best Designed Library You Shouldn't Use.

by Ahmed Charles,
1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 8338
2013-10-06T13:15:00 1:15 PM Sunday Room 8338 C++ 8/16/2013 11:05:43 PM
C++ C++11 Best Practices Boost

Fun with Tuples!

by Marshall Clow, Jon Kalb,
2:45 PM Sunday    Room: 8338
2013-10-06T14:45:00 2:45 PM Sunday Room 8338 C++ 4/8/2013 11:52:05 AM
C++ C++11
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