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Session submissions are currently open for Silicon Valley Code Camp happening the weekend of October 19 & 20, 2019. By default each person is allowed to submit one session for consideration without prior approval from the code camp staff.  If you submit the session, you are expected to present that session if it is approved. Please either remove it yourself or notify us if at any time you realize you will not be able to present.

You are currently NOT logged into your Silicon Valley Code Camp Account. If you have an account, please login by clicking the LOGIN button on the top right of the screen (the login screen has a forgot password link).

If you do not have an account, click on the REGISTER button, also on the top right and enter your email, a username and a password twice. That will create your account and log you in.

Once you have created your account, you will automatically be logged in and then when you come back to this page(Program/Submit Session), you will see a different message that tells you where to go to submit your session.

Submitting a session does not guarantee you a registration at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Our capacity is very limited this year and once we are at capacity (800), we will not be able to accept any more registrations. The only way to guarantee your registration is to either have your session accepted or pay the nominal registration free.

Sessions will be approved on a rolling basis until approximately 6 weeks before the event.  If you sessions is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and your session will be tweeted on the Silicon Valley Code Camp twitter stream.  The session will simultaneously be posted as live to our site.  You will receive that session link in the confirmation email.

Criteria For Session Approval*

  • Session content is of interest to Silicon Valley Code Camp audience.
  • Session is from a current  Silicon Valley Code Camp sponsor.**
  • Session is from a speaker who has spoken at previous  Silicon Valley Code Camps.
  • Speaker has spoken at other similar events.
    *The above criteria is not in order of importance.

    **Sponsorship is not required, however for vendor specific topics,  Silicon Valley Code Camp sponsorship is strongly encouraged.  We have a limited number of tables in our sponsorship area, however sponsoring without a table is also part of our consideration.  Please review our sponsorship page for details.