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Upgrading to New React Native Versions  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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React Native became one of the most popular cross platform frameworks for building mobile applications on Android and iOS. There's a huge pool of React and JavaScript developers, so getting started with React Native is relatively simple. Unfortunately, as the project growth in the size, and goes to production upgrading to the latest version of React Native becomes a challenge.

During this talk I will present potential things that could go wrong during the upgrade, and how to resolve them. We will build a sample React Native project that is based on the version of 0.57.8, and will upgrade to the version of 0.59.10. The project will require upgrades to async-storage, segmented-control, and react-native-svg node modules. Then, we will learn how to get comfortable with Android and iOS specific build dependencies such as project.pbxproj, AppDelegate, build.gradle, settings.gradle, and others. Besides learning best practices for upgrading React Native I will point out best practices of developing React Native applications as going through the implementation.

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Oleg Polyakov

Oleg is currently Full Stack engineer at one of the biggest hedge funds in Chicago. Before getting into fintech he was working in several big companies in Bay Area such as Yahoo, Intuit and Apple. In the current role he builds a lot of dashboards, real time blotters, and does order execution. He is well versed in multiple programming languages such as Java, ObjC, Swift, Ruby, Python, but his favorite language is JavaScript. Oleg loves owning the whole product stack from building front end, writing services, doing infra, and data layer. He has built several mobile application using Native and Hybrid solutions using Titanium, ObjC, WebViews, and React Native. React Native is currently his favorite framework for building mobile applications, and he would like to share his experiences building for enterprises.
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