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Privacy and Data Ethics: Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.  

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9:30 AM Saturday
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Chin Wagger
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Every second and every day data is created. By 2020, it is estimated the average person with an online presence of any kind will create 1.7 megabytes per second, or slightly less than 150GB per day. The digital universe is expected to be up to 44ZB (44,000 exabytes).

It is often said that today, the real value of a business is its data, so there is a natural tendency to collect everything we can, but should we? Each piece of data we collect exposes our organization to new legal and ethical risks that may prove to be expensive, or even deadly to the organization. In this session, we'll explore some of the ethical and legal issues we face when we collect data, and how those impact our culture, our business outlook, and our relationship with those we keep data on.

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Rob Vieira

As a kid getting the rare opportunity to touch a terminal back in a day where computers took up rooms or even buildings, Rob knew this was something very cool. And so began the lifelong relationship between Rob and technology. Rob would write his first book in 1998, and discovered he had hit a nerve in the industry, igniting a new genre of books oriented around database development in a space where books had just focused on administration. Since then, Rob has sold over 250,000 books on data related topics, and went on to design systems and lead teams building products that often handled regulated and other sensitive information. In recent years, Rob has become a keynote speaker and trainer in leadership and ethics, and also does motivational speaking.
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