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Introduction to Smart Contract Development  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Fireside C
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The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has made blockchain-based Smart Contracts mainstream. In this session, I will step through the process of creating an Ethereum blockchain Smart Contract using the Solidity programming language (no prior Solidity knowledge required). Next, we'll test the contract using Mocha, and Ganache blockchain simulator. Finally, we'll deploy the contract to the Ropsten testnet. Smart Contract development has lots of gotchas – this session will help you learn the basics while avoiding the pain. This session is well-suited for Javascript developers wishing to get started with blockchain technology.

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Nik Kalyani

Entrepreneur, co-founder/cto WhenHub, co-founder DotNetNuke; blockchain tinkerer; STEAM educator; Microsoft MVP; maker; geek; creative thinker; husband; dad
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