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Develop Galaxy Apps for Samsung Wearables  

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9:30 AM Saturday
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Town Square C
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Join us in this session and learn how to use Tizen Studio and your existing web development skills to create a wearable web app and deploy it on a Samsung Gear S3.

Using Samsung’s Tizen Studio, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you’ll get a chance to build a simple wearable web app that shows the end users step count. If you have Ubuntu, macOS, Windows installed, you can get a head start by downloading the sample app here and downloading the IDE here.

For more information on building Samsung wearable apps, visit the Tizen developer site at

The Speaker(s)


Dana Pratt

Josue is the lead technical evangelist at Samsung Electronics America, focusing his efforts to build and strengthen the designer and developer ecosystem in the United States and Canada. Before moving to the Bay area from Los Angeles, he was a developer champion at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, to cultivate and bolster the ARTIK IoT platform within the maker community. In LA, Josue produced large-scale unconferences for the tech and entrepreneur communities, painted murals overseas, and worked as an independent, full-stack, mobile-hybrid / iOS-native developer.

When not traveling coast to coast, Josue loves to make art, ride his single speed bike to nearby restaurants and explore new bay area hiking trails.

Tony Morelan

Senior Developer Evangelist at Samsung with 15+ years in the developer space. The vision and passion that are at the core of Samsung’s innovation are what I want to be a part of — work on a team towards a common goal, share knowledge, inspire others, explore new techniques and develop strategies.
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