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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
Advancing your Career through technical... Claudia Galvan
Augmented Reality for the masses Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
Azure in the Enterprise - Governance &... Adwait Ullal
Big Data - the Biggest Fad of the Decade Ami Levin
C++ Web Servers and APIs Troy Miles Materials Link
Concurrency with Go (golang) Todd McLeod Materials Link
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle Laakmann McDowell Materials Link
Deep Learning: Capabilities Realized and New... Luba Gloukhova
Details Coming.. Douglas Crockford
Developing Great Web APIs Architectures with... Chris Woodruff
Developing Microcontroller Appilcations with... Steve Mylroie
Disaster Recovery - What, Why, and How Manish Pandit
Ethereum & Smart Contracts Guinder Bhangoo
Event Driven Architecture – Enabling... Brad Irby
Extending Blockchain to IoT Nelson Petracek
Getting Started with The Go Programming Language... Todd McLeod Materials Link
Git for NORMAL Developers Joseph Reynolds Materials Link
How Microsoft Does DevOps Paul Hacker
Intermediate Scala: TypeClasses, Currying,... Stephen Boesch
iOS: The Best Parts Siamak Ashrafi
IoT on the Edge Jeremy Foster
Java developer’s journey in Kubernetes land Arun Gupta
Managing in an Agile World Ron Lichty
MongoDB First Steps Nuri Halperin
Need a lifta? Bill Enright Materials Link
OAuth 2.0 and OIDC Sara Daqiq
Order a Burger with Spring Boot and Vue.js Ted Young
Platform Agnostic Application Development with... Ramona Maxwell Materials Link
Powering an API with GraphQL, Golang, and NoSQL Nic Raboy
Productive React/TypeScript/TDD: Love Story from... Paul Everitt
Recursion and Dynamic Programming for technical... Soham Mehta Materials Link
Redis in Containers, and Kubernetes and... Dave Nielsen
Statistics 102: Beyond the Mean, Median, and... Stephen Boesch
TensorFlow in your Browser Oswald Campesato
Terraform + Packer + Docker = Winning DevOps... Abhinav Shroff

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