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The Data Science Process  

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9:00 AM Sunday
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Fireside A
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This session will provide a clear overview of the data science process. We will discuss how to take an identified problem or idea and frame it as an effective question that will guide the project. We will then talk about acquiring, pre-processing, and exploring the data. Next, we'll consider how to model the data in a way that enables us to answer the proposed question, and how to choose the best from among several effective algorithms. Finally, we will discuss the important skill of data storytelling in communicating the insights and predictions of the analysis in a compelling way. The goal is to enable attendees to understand the workflow of solving a data problem.

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Antony Ross

Antony Ross is a consultant specializing in data science and machine learning applied to sports performance. He has worked closely with USC and UCLA and is presently involved with the Recurse Center in New York researching deep learning and voice recognition.
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