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Intro to Test Driven Development  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Fireside C
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What is Test Driven Development? How does it differ from conventional programming? In this session, we'll look at:

• The 3 Steps of TDD
• The 3 Laws of TDD
• A collaborative demonstration with a simple code kata
• Costs vs. Benefits

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Jon Reid

I’ve been practicing Test Driven Development (TDD) since 2001, and applying it to Objective-C since 2005 (and recently Swift). I’m the author of OCHamcrest and OCMockito. Once upon a time, a wonderful book about object-oriented design came out called Design Patterns. Hungry for more, I searched the web and found the very first wiki, It was filled with discussions about design patterns, discussion of different styles of wiki use, and another new thing called Extreme Programming. I learned about the Extreme practices, including “test-first programming” — later renamed Test Driven Development. I began teaching on best practices at my work, wherever that happened to be. I wanted to share with more people, so I started blogging. Speaking engagements followed. I am now available for on-site training and consulting / code reviews.
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