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Gherkin: Hit Your Development Target Every Time  

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2:00 PM Sunday
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Round Table
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Ever get through implementing something, and then find out you didn't build what you were meant to build? Or discover something ambiguous in a spec half way through that suddenly made the scope of work mushroom into something much larger than you thought it was? Misunderstandings and false assumptions result in frustration for both customers and developers, plus lots of wasted time.

This session will show you a way to ensure clear mutual understanding of specs using Gherkin language. You will be able to create a clear contract for delivery that removes all the ambiguity. Extra benefits: a blueprint for automation or manual testing. The focus will be on agile development and integrating this practice into user story execution, but it can be adapted easily for other types of projects. Participants will leave the session with all they need to begin applying this technique at work every day.

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