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Everything you wanted to know about Git, but were afraid to ask.  

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10:15 AM Sunday
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Town Square C
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Git (and GitHub) have become pillars in how we manage our code workflow, particularly when we work with large teams. Yet developers tend to be afraid of Git, and only handle but the most basic of operations. This presentation will reveal the magic of Git, and help you understand how and why operations are carried out.

After this session, you'll never be afraid of a merge conflict again.

Topics covered:

  • Git under the hood
  • Git basics
  • Merging vs Rebasing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Triangular Workflow

Common error scenarios and how to solve them * Tips and Tricks

The Speaker(s)


Lenny Markus

I'm a problem solver at heart. I've spent the last four years at PayPal working on a variety of interesting challenges, trying to find elegant solutions that make life easier for others, and teaching developers how to better use the tools available to them. Favorite Quote: "Perfect is the enemy of Done"
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Behind the magic of git, you have three basic things. You have git blobs, git trees and git commits. git magic
Learn how git blobs store data and what is actually in them. git blobs
Learn how git trees pull all the git blobs together. git trees
A git tree is a manifest of all your git files at a single point in time. git tree
git makes things that look a lot like the data structure link list git link list
The head of a git repo simply points to the latest commit git head
The git stage is basically the manifest of the things that we want to save git stage
When we do a git commit,everything in staging will be committed. git commit staging
Doing a git status shows us what needs to be committed. In this case, it shows us nothing to commit meaning we are clean. git status
git add lets you add new files that git will track. If you do not do git add, the file will not be tracked with git. git add
Does git have to look at every file to determine changes? Is that fast? Yes, git is very fast. git calculate changes
talking about different types of git reset (s). These are for oops moments when doing git commits git reset
removes last commit and moves head back one. git reset soft

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