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Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure  

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5:00 PM Saturday
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Town Square C
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In this talk, we will define how enterprise chains work differently from public chains and will demonstrate how you can get started with enterprise blockchain solutions in Microsoft Cloud. We will then dive into cryptlets, which are Microsoft Cloud-specific constructs providing common and approachable way for developers to integrate blockchain solutions into existing systems, secure execution and data, and enable privacy and scalability. Finally, we'll review the features of Microsoft Coco Framework and look at the roadmap of blockchain support on Azure.

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Eugene Chuvyrov

Eugene Chuvyrov is a Senior Cloud Architect at Microsoft. He works directly with both startups and enterprises to enable their solutions in Microsoft cloud, and to make Azure better as a result of this work with partners. Over his tenure at Microsoft, his focus varied from modern DevOps, to enabling AI solutions in the cloud, to advising customers on creating Blockchain solutions in Azure. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge from those engagements with the community.
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