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A Math-Free Introduction to Neural Networks  

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1:30 PM Saturday
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Fireside A
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Have you ever tried learning about Neural Networks but are allergic to dense equations? This is the talk for you! Learn the concepts behind neural networks with nothing more complicated than addition and multiplication.

This talk is intended for beginners who are interested in machine learning - if you've ever opened up a TensorFlow tutorial, this talk is for you! You'll learn a brief history behind neural networks as well as common applications today. Then we'll cover neural networks from the ground up, covering the architecture and how all the components fit together. Finally, we'll assemble those components into a basic neural network that solves the Warrior programming game.

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Randall Koutnik

Randall is a senior engineer at Netflix, building tools that wake up other Netflixers when things break. To offset that karma, he’s adopted a cat that wakes him up at night whenever a new JS framework is released. You can find his words in written form at
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