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9 things every developer can do to be more... Tobiah Zarlez
A Machine Learning Primer Antony Ross
A Math-Free Introduction to Neural Networks Randall Koutnik
Android Architecture & Material components with... Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
Angular 101 Deborah Kurata
Angular 2 -- Components Marcus Stephan
Astrobiology, Meteors and JavaScript Dave Nugent
Automating AWS infrastructure with the AWS Cli Eric Courville
AWS Lambda with Serverless Framework and Java Manish Pandit Materials Link
Bitcoin Digital Cash: Send cash to anyone on... Donn Lee
Build an Alexa skill with .NET Core and AWS... Nate Barbettini
Build Chrome Extensions using React/Webpack Guy Vider Materials Link
Business Networking Pickup Lines for Developers David Spark
Character Sets Douglas Crockford
Common Post Deployment Snafus Akansh Murthy
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Creating an AWS Lambda Function with Kotlin Troy Miles
DevOps for building Polyglot Microservices -... Abhinav Shroff
Diving into Deep Learning Oswald Campesato
Dream Teams: Making Your Dream (Team) Come True Ron Lichty
Everything you wanted to know about Git, but... Lenny Markus Materials Link
Extending Blockchain To Enterprise Applications Nelson Petracek
Full Stack Development with JavaScript and NoSQL Nic Raboy
Getting Deep into Machine Learning with... Jerry Kurata
Goodbye VMs - Hello Docker Joe Brinkman
gRPC Crash Course: Simple Microservices in Java Ryan Michela Materials Link
Hiring Coders with Whiteboard Interviews and... Gayle Laakmann McDowell
In the Trenches With Haskell Michael Litchard
Instant Mobile Web: An Accelerated Mobile Pages... Lisa Huang Materials Link
Intro to Test Driven Development Jon Reid
Introduction To The Lean Definition Process Cindy Solomon Materials Link
iOS: The Best Parts Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
Kotlin Krash Kourse Ted Young
Kubernetes – Hands-On Demos for Container... Bruno Terkaly
Lean Startup for Engineers Mark Abramson
Learn To Build A Website with Golang Todd McLeod Materials Link
Lockdown: a SHOCKING security primer for web... Mike North Materials Link
Manage your life: Web-based goal, time, project,... Roman Zhovtulya
Microservice Architecture using 12-factor on AWS Asif Khan
Modern HTML5 UI for desktop and embedded apps Tom Becker
Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology as a... Qirfiraz Siddiqui Materials Link
Need of DevOps in the Enterprise Vidya Vrat Agarwal
Numbers Douglas Crockford
Passwords on a Phone Sam Bowne Materials Link
Principles of Security Douglas Crockford Materials Link
Recursion and DP for coding interviews Soham Mehta Materials Link
Re-Engineering your career into Technical... Claudia Galvan
Regular Expressions, To Match Or Not, That is... Peter Thoeny Materials Link
Rock Your .NET Core Best Practices David McCarter
Service Discovery in Container Orchestration... Arun Gupta
Software Project Design Juval Lowy
Statistics and Linear Algebra basics for Machine... Bhavana Bhasker
The Data Science Process Antony Ross
The Functional Programming Converter project Amir Barylko
The Internet of Things, and Why it is the Future Nikhil Rati
There Is No Such Thing as a Microservice! Chris Richardson
Tuning Kafka Pipelines Sumant Tambe
Using Apache Spark To Determine Whether San... Hien Luu
Women in Tech: Your Value Creation, Visibilty,... Kim Greenlee
Your Vertical Intranet – When OOTB is Out of the... Ramona Maxwell
Zen of Architecture Juval Lowy

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