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Wackcoon Catching a predator with technology (node, IoT, Cog Services, git)  

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Interactive Technologies
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Do you have backyard critter problems? Tackle it with tech. It this session we will be looking at Node.js through the eyes of a specific application. In this session, we will using Node.js,, Azure cognitive services vision api, with VSCode to detect “critters” and shoot water at them to keep them away from your pond/garden/flowers/whatever. In addition, we will show you a really cool way to deploy to a raspberry pi using a git hook. Don’t miss this fun session

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Daniel Egan

Daniel is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, he has been in the technology field for 20 years doing everything from Enterprise Development, to a Start Up, to running his own consulting firm. He is currently focusing on OpenSource, and the cloud sprinkled with IOT
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