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The Future of Data Storage (Hint: It is Fast)  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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AppLovin is a leading mobile marketing platform that helps the world's largest brands reach over two billion consumers globally. Reaching that many users with relevant ads obviously requires a high volume of data storage. In just five short years, AppLovin has grown from a small startup to a global company that processes 150 terabytes of data a day, processing 60 billion daily requests in less than 10 milliseconds per request. With such an accelerated growth rate, AppLovin has had to leverage the most recent developments in data storage technology. In this presentation, Basil Shikin, VP of Engineering at AppLovin, will argue that the digital world is moving to RAM-based storage, and he'll outline how AppLovin met its data challenge through applying a RAM-first approach to its components.

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Basil Shikin

Basil Shikin is the VP of Engineering at AppLovin, a leading mobile marketing platform that helps the world’s largest brands reach over two billion consumers globally with relevant content. He leads teams responsible for building AppLovin’s secure, highly scalable distributed systems, and he has played a leadership role in building AppLovin’s globally distributed ad serving network, which processes 50 billion ad requests a day. During Basil’s time at the company, it has been named #8 on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies and #68 on the 2016 Inc 5000 list. Before joining AppLovin, Basil was senior software engineer at DeviceAnywhere and a software engineer at other Silicon Valley startups.
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