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Minecraft modding using Forge 1.8 Session II  

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Minecraft is a multi-player game about building and placing blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The game allows modifications (known as “mods”) that can change the game from how it was originally written. These mods can add content to the game to alter gameplay. For example, new blocks, mobs, and abilities of player can be added. Have you always wondered what it takes to write these mods? This new workshop is for you! In this workshop we'll teach the kids on how to build Minecraft mods using Forge 1.8

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Rani Desai

I am very excited to teach Minecraft modding using Java. After completing Masters in Computer Science from Connecticut, I have been working as a Software Engineer for past 12+ years. My favorite subjects are Math and Coding. My boy loves playing Minecraft. After doing research, I found that Minecraft has lot of potential as a teaching tool. It encourages not only creativity and critical thinking but also helps kids learn coding. My goal is that kids learn Java basics while playing Minecraft and develop interest in STEM in fun way.
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