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Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 2  

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This session will cover Python types such as List, Tuples, and Dictionary. We will delve into these topics in much detail through examples and hands-on exercise. We will cover topics of methods in Python as well Graphical User Interface (GUI) using tkinter (an in-built API in Python). We will design and built small applications, such as temp. and length converters to give a start. Students are expected to carry laptop or Mac, and download instructions for Python and IDE (PyCharm) will be shared before the class. Pre-requisite: 6+ grader and MUST have taken “Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 1” class or have previous programming knowledge in Python. This session is NOT for those who have never programmed in Python.

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Anoop Trivedi

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 24+ years of IT experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, I love to teach kids computer science fundamentals and mathematics. I regularly teach courses in the field of Python programming, HTML, JavaScript, and Mobile development. Since 1994, I have been living in Silicon Valley, and have worked with startups as well as large enterprises. I run my own retail software company for past 15 years, and feel its time to give back to the society. I also hold double major in the field of Computer Science from Sydney, Australia.
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