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Apple & Google Native Mobile Development  

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Apple (Swift / iOS) & Google (Java / Android) Native Development We will creating an App in both Apple (Swift / iOS) & Google (Java / Android) native development. This is a perfect introduction for someone starting in native mobile development. iOS material covered: [] Why I teach Swift / iOS: [] Android material covered: [] Udacity Android course: []

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Siamak Ashrafi

(Ash) is Bio-Computational researcher@day working on bio-markers (publications*) & CTO@night of technology companies (patents*). His frequent code-a-thon wins have gone on to become published Apps (iOS & Android*). As a thought leader in wearable/mobile development he is an enthusiastic teacher / speaker helping to promote the ecosystem (fashion* & technology*). But what he would really like is to get a major sponsor in all three phases of water. (Snowboarding* [solid], Surfing* [liquid] & Kiteboarding* [vapor])
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