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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
Productive TypeScript and React with WebStorm Paul Everitt
A Machine Learning Primer Antony Ross Materials Link
A math-free introduction to Neural Networks Randall Koutnik
Accidentally Manager – A Survival Guide for... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Advanced PowerShell in the Real World Steve Evans
Amazing new features in JavaScript Manoj Kumar Materials Link
Android Architecture, A Better Way Joe Rowley Materials Link
Angular 2 101: The Adventure Continues Deborah Kurata
Angular 2 First Look Ward Bell
Apple & Google Native Mobile Development Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
Azure enabled IOT with IOT Hub, Win10 IOT Core,... Vishal Saxena
Azure from the Command Line Jeremy Foster
Azure Management from any platform: Linux, OS X,... Jessica Deen Materials Link
Azure Storage Security Robin Shahan Materials Link
Be a Better Interviewer: How to Interview Like... Gayle McDowell
Beautiful REST+JSON APIs with Ion Les Hazlewood
Break the: "IF You Build it They Will Come" -... Kevin Steineman
Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps for iOS &... Ishai Hachlili, Gilles de Bordeaux Materials Link
Build Your First Loopback API with NodeJS Neeraja Ganesan, Asim Siddiqui Materials Link
Build Your Own Website Using HTML and CSS Tanay Sonthalia Materials Link
Building a Java-based RESTful Service and... Bruno Terkaly
Building a Real Time Recommendation Engine with... Kevin Van Gundy
Building an iOS app using Swift Paran Sonthalia
Building Bots with Watson Conversation Stefania Kaczmarczyk
Building Bots with Watson Conversation (Repeat) Stefania Kaczmarczyk
Building Serverless Microservices Manoj Agarwal
Building the Matrix: Your First VR App Livi Erickson
C++ GUI library & Documenting Source Code:... Barbara Geller, Ansel Sermersheim
Caching web requests with Cacheonix Java Web... Slava Imeshev Materials Link
Choose the Right Concurrency Model in .NET Riccardo Terrell
Clean Code I - Best Practices Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Clean Code II - Dependency Injection Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Code Reviews: The #1 Way to Improve Code Quality Craig Berntson
Comparison of Javascript (MV*) frameworks Chander Dhall
Concurrency is child's play! (Powerful, Naïve,... Nuri Halperin
Concurring the Last IOT mile Steve Mylroie
Connecting Your Things to the Cloud with Watson... Jeancarl Bisson
Cordova GoogleMaps plugin for iOS and Android Masashi Katsumata Materials Link
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle McDowell
Create an App using MIT's App Inventor! Sarah Guller Materials Link
Create Influence, On Demand Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Crunching through big data with MBrace, Azure... Mathias Brandewinder
Ctrl+Z for Git: How to undo (almost) anything Tobiah Zarlez Materials Link
Deconstructing JSON for ARM Templates Jennelle Crothers
Defeat the Zombies with Java Stephen Chin
Demystifying Databases with Platform-Independent... Ryan Ehrenreich Materials Link
Demystifying DevOps Jennifer Davis Materials Link
Deploy Your First Cloud Foundry App Dave Nielsen
Developing Microservices with Aggregates Chris Richardson
Developing performant desktop and mobile... Dinesh Murthy
Docker Container Lifecycles – Problem or... Baruch Sadogursky
Does Message-Market Fit Trump Product-Market... Ken Rutsky Materials Link
Draw your Favorite Animal with JavaScript Sanjana Shah
Early Idea Evaluation Tools Twinklekumar Patel Materials Link
Elastic Search: Speeding up your applications Imran Qureshi
Entry Point Node Jeremy Foster
Extreme ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Llewellyn Falco Materials Link
FizzBuzz with Scratch Programming Frisco Del Rosario Materials Link
From 0 to Developer Tracy Lee
From Dull to Dazzling: How Visualization... Walt Ritscher
From JavaScript to Android Developer - 0 to 60 Gabi Zuniga
Fun and Games with JavaScript+Processing Tam Nguyen Materials Link
Fun with Robots (Session 1) Daniel Egan
Fun with Robots (Session 2 - REPEAT Session... Daniel Egan
Functional Programming in JavaScript Troy Miles Materials Link
Functional Sales Tax At Twilio jordan sterling
Get Rid of Your Web Site's Love Handles For Good Chris Love Materials Link
Getting Started with Angular 2 Oswald Campesato Materials Link
Getting started with BASH on Windows 10 Jessica Deen Materials Link
Getting Started with Data Science Dave Nielsen
Getting started with Deep Learning on Azure Eugene Chuvyrov
Getting Started with ReactJS Oswald Campesato Materials Link
Go for Java Developers Ted Young
Hacking Fitness with the Mean Stack Daniel Egan
Hello Android - An Introduction to Android App... Joe Rowley Materials Link
Hello? Is it me you’re looking for… (Face and... Daniel Egan
HoloLens Development 101 Livi Erickson
Honeypots, Cybercompetitions, and Bug Bounties Sam Bowne Materials Link
How to Contribute Back to Open Source Wojciech Koszek Materials Link
How to Make a powerful App in 5 minutes for ANY... Florian Nierhaus
How to send a secret message Breandan Considine
I Want to be a Maker Too! Jeremy Foster
Identity as a Service - Modern Authentication... Clayton Peddy
IEnumerable, ISaveable, IDontGetIt:... Jeremy Clark Materials Link
I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and... Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Internationalization at Startups Claudia Galvan
Intro to Game Development with Python Rowan-James Tran
Intro to NoSQL with Redis Dave Nielsen
Introducing ClojureScript J David Eisenberg Materials Link
Introduction to Arduino - Part 1 Pradeep Bhatter
Introduction to Arduino - Part 2 Pradeep Bhatter
Introduction to Big Data Mohammed Guller Materials Link
Introduction to Flask (A Python Web Framework) Tim Reilly Materials Link
Introduction to Python Tim Reilly Materials Link
Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 2 Anoop Trivedi Materials Link
Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework Joe Mayo Materials Link
IoT Black Box Robert Roeder
Keys to Exceptional Product Team Performance Ron Lichty Materials Link
Learning Go - Resources For New Go Programmers Todd McLeod
Leverage Social Data for Market Research and... Shilpi Agarwal
Machine Learning Exposed! James Weaver Materials Link
Making your websites a little more accessible... James Cha
Manage your life: Web-based goal, time, project,... Roman Zhovtulya
Mastering VSCode: Building your first extension Jason Poon Materials Link
Microsoft Service Fabric for Developers Vishal Saxena
Minecraft Hour of Code Annie Bubinski Materials Link
Minecraft modding using Forge 1.8 Rani Desai
Minecraft modding using Forge 1.8 Session II Rani Desai
Modularizing Features for Rapid Independent... Mohit Goenka
MongoDB First Steps Nuri Halperin
MongoDB in Production Daniel Coupal Materials Link
More Java Community Insider Secrets! Stephen Chin
My First Website: Pokémon Go Make A Website Annie Bubinski
OpenStack Docker Mesos Kubernetes: Who Can Fill... Forbes Hedges Materials Link
Overview and Roadmap of the .NET Platform Beth Massi
Overview of Azure Storage Robin Shahan Materials Link
Personal Finance 101 and Coding Sangeeta Narang
Practical Performance Tips and Tricks to Make... Doris Chen
Practical Performance Tips to Make Your Cross... Doris Chen
Practice of Compliance Driven Protection for... Sunil Sabat Materials Link
Predicting the Future with Machine Learning Jerry Kurata
Programming and 3D printing using a O Watch... Omkar Govil-Nair
Programming in Python - level 1 Zachary Abraham Materials Link
Programming Pearls of Go - How to write fast,... Aaron Schlesinger
Recursion and Dynamic Programming for technical... Soham Mehta Materials Link
Release Management with Team Services Paul Hacker Materials Link
Rock Your Apps With => 10 Things You Probably... David McCarter Materials Link
Rock Your Development With A Real World Example... David McCarter Materials Link
Rock Your Development With A Real World Example... David McCarter
Running ASP.NET applications on the Google Cloud... Jeffrey Rennie
Scalability for Developers. Scaling to more than... Chander Dhall
Simplify Your Life with Your Own IBM Watson... Rakesh Ranjan, Nicholas Vargas, Steven Chamberlin
So you want to be a data scientist? Andrew Moll
So your mom always wanted you to be an architect Ron Kleinman Materials Link
Software Project Design Juval Lowy
SQL Server Partitioning Basics: Treating Your... Brandon Leach
Star Wars: The Programmer Awakens Aditya Gupta
Streaming with Apache Storm Neelakandan Rajesh
TCP/IP Networking for Developers Steve Evans
Technology and Fashion awaken the Soul of the... Elena Eberhard, Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
The 5 things you need to know about the... Reggie Hutcherson
The Future of Data Storage (Hint: It is Fast) Basil Shikin
The nits and grits of Git - How Git really works Ryan Michela Materials Link
The Perfect Micro-Manager Lena Tran, Keith Aytch
The Post Javascript Apocalypse Douglas Crockford
The Psychology of Developer Tools Usability (and... Sara Ford Materials Link
The Seif Project Continued Douglas Crockford
The Service Industry enters the Connected Car Sharada Bose
The T in TDD: Test, Types, Tales Mathias Brandewinder
The Tale of 2 CLIs - Ember and Angular Tracy Lee
Token Authentication in ASP.NET Nate Barbettini
Voice User Interface - Design & Development for... Suyash Joshi
Wackcoon Catching a predator with technology... Daniel Egan
Web Application Security for All Pritam Mungse
Web Programming with Go Todd McLeod
What is Python? Wesley Chun
What's New in TypeScript? Doris Chen
Zen of Architecture Juval Lowy

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