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Slaying the services monolith  

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5:00 PM Saturday
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So many talks on microservices wax nostalgic about a service oriented utopia. In the perfect system, well factored services seamlessly communicate and every developer is a 10x developer. That is not this talk. This talk is about the hard won lessons on how to actually kill your monolith with microservices. This talk presents:

  • Where to start breaking down your monolith
  • A roadmap for building a cohesive microservices plan
  • Some practical guidelines for designing a microservices-based architecture
  • A systematic process for migrating a live system to microservices without downtime

After leaving this talk you should have a clear vision for how to beat your monolith and achieve the fabled service oriented nirvana.

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Ryan Michela

Ryan Michela is Principal Engineer at Salesforce, where he’s working to integrate the Salesforce ecosystem with microservices. His passions are distributed systems, helping other developers become better. When he’s not digging into the heart of software, Ryan enjoys hiking, exploring the world, and enjoying good beer.
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