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Real-time Analytics- We want it now!  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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Windows Azure
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We are in a time where people want things right now!  Fast food, fast cars, fast life! This trend isn't just about how people live their life but it's creeping into how people consume data analytics as well.  A near real-time report used to mean a snapshot of what happened 30 minutes ago and now has morphed into what happened in the last few seconds!  By the end of this session, you will have taken a journey through how to handle a slow trickle of events from a single source, to large scale out architectures handling multiple data sources, multiple servers, and complex temporal queries.  You'll dive into Azure Stream Analytics, a Complex event processing system, while relying on field delivery experience to let you know what works and what doesn't.  We will look at multiple solutions which improve people’s lives through a proactive approach to real-time analytics.

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Andrew Moll

Andrew is a technical evangelist for Microsoft working on development and data storage within Azure. In a past life, he was a consultant helping customers figure out how to visualize and discover meaningful conclusions from their disparate data sets. Outside of technology, his favorite discussion topics include: picking the next million dollar stock, the current snow conditions in Tahoe (yes, even in the summer), and finding the best coffee/food in the bay!
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