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Introduction to React + Reflux and how to boost your development workflow  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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In this session, we will walk through some features of React and Reflux ( refactor of Flux ), and the goal is, at the end of the session, you will have enough knowledge to start your React + Reflux journey. We will also cover some tools, for example Gulp and other technologies, and explain how those technologies can make your life as a developer thousand times easier during development or even production build process. During demo session, we will show case a workflow boilerplate I created a while ago in which all attendants will get benefit from, and the boilerplate would possible make you a super star in your workplace with just a few simple commands ~

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Roy Yu

Senior Software Engineer ( Frontend focus ), LAMP developer and love to explore different technologies. Currently focus on web performance, web security and frontend stack complexity analysis. I have a passion for web development and architecture: from application design, frontend prototype to database design, I have experience and enjoyed every piece of it. I'm especially picky about user experience, performance and security in web development. Specialties: Web development. LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, Mysql), JAVA, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, React, Reflux, Redux, CoffeeScript, Stylus, SCSS, Gulp, Webpack.
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