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Introduction to CoronaSDK and CoronaCards  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Build to Play: Gaming & V...
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Learn how to make 2d games in Lua using the Corona SDK! Tobiah will teach you the basics on how to make a game in Corona. Once you have a project up and running, he’ll teach you how to use CoronaCards to make your game run on all mobile devices, including Windows Phone. With CoronaCards your Lua code can communicate directly with .NET, Objective-C or Java to include native code and functionality.

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Tobiah Zarlez

Hi, I’m Tobiah. I’m an independent game developer from the SF Bay Area. Right after college, I started a company called “Yobonja” with a couple of friends. We made dozens of games, and eventually had a hit with “Blast Monkeys”. We were the number one app on Android for 6+ months. I stopped tracking downloads in 2012 after we passed 12 million, and people still play it and its sequel today. In 2013 I started working for Microsoft as a Game Evangelist. My job is to talk to developers, teach them what I know, and help them make better games and successful companies succeed.
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