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Intro to HTML and CSS  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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Setup: The HTML and CSS class is designed for students of all levels. This class introduces students to the world of programming and teaches them the programming language HTML and CSS. Students learn how to create their very own, personalized website with headings, text, pictures, links, backgrounds, etc using this programming language. Students are able understand HTML and CSS as they use trial and error to further their programming knowledge. Besides this, students can track the progress they make on their website every time they add more code on the text editor and reload their website. The purpose of the HTML and CSS class is to motivate students to understand the real-life applications of programming. This class is designed to teach concepts to the students first and then to have them apply the concepts by designing their own website with step by step instructions and guidance.

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Nikita Takru

I am the founder of CodeUCan and hope to inspire kids to explore the world of coding and computers through CodeUCan programs. I am also the founder and president of the Technology Club at my high school and am part of my school's robotics team. I know how to program in HTML, CSS, Java, Python, Swift, and JavaScript.
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